Nov 6, 2015

1.International Conference On Solar Energy Solutions For Electricity And Water Supply in Rural Areas

On October 7 – 10 SC Sustainable Concepts together with the American University in Cairo, Autarcon and SolarInput organized the First International Conference addressing two of the most pressing problems today in many countries around the globe - access to energy and drinking water. In a holistic approach addressing these two topics at the same time the conference showed that such an approach is particulary beneficial for rural populations away from central grids.

The Conference was hosted by the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment of the American University of Cairo and nearly 100 participants and exhibitors from Egypt, Germany, Marokko, UK and the USA were present and participated in lively discussions, poster sessions and workshops throughout this well organized event. 

The feed-back we received from speakers, exhibitors and participants has been overwhelmingly positive both in terms of contents and the format chosen for the conference.

In the first Keynote Address by H.A.Aulich from SC Sustainable Concept it became clear that the conference not only addressed two key Sustainable Developments Goals of the UN –Energy and Water – presented at the Conference in Paris, September 2015, but it convincingly showed how by combining solar electricity with save drinking water a practical and affordable solution for hundred of millions of people in the rural areas around the globe can be offered now.

A number of papers concentrated on the social aspects when bringing solar electricity into the village and discussed the best way of achieving this smoothly.

Based on this well received first international conference and the high importance of its topic the organizers will work on bringing together  the next event to be announced next year.

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