Solar Energy and Water – Essentials for Life

Electricity,  harnessed from the sun using silicon solar cells is one of the most powerful energy sources that can be put to work everywhere around the globe. Its use varies from switching on electric lights, charging batteries for mobile communication, cooling medicine and enabling us to supply safe drinking water to the rural population in many countries around the world.

SC sustainable concepts GmbH (SC) is a German company that delivers environmental friendly electricity from the sun to local communities far away from the grid to enjoy services similar to their compatriots in the urban centers.

SC  has a close partnership with the German company Autarcon to produce safe and pure drinking water by using solar electricity to destroy harmful bacteria often found in water in the rural communities or urban centers with low standards of hygiene.

The cooperation with Autarcon resulted in the installation of many autonomous water treatment systems in Brazil, Cameron, Egypt, Ghana, Gambia and Laos and gave local communities access to modern activities and safe drinking water.

SC through its President has also access to a large network of experts and partners for solar cells and materials research at leading Universities and Research Centers. Furthermore the company has extensive  know-how in the field of manufacturing solar components and good contacts to governmental institutions in Europe to accelerate the growth and dissemination of solar electricity and safe drinking water for the benefit of people around the world.

“We think that the focus on solar electricity and pure drinking water can bring urgently needed improvement in the living conditions for millions of people around the world. For us it is also a powerful motivation to constantly improve the technology and make it affordable for  its wide-spread dissemination.”

Hubert A. Aulich
Founder and President
SC sustainable concepts GmbH

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