About us

The company has extensive know-how in a wide range of topics extending from material sciences, manufacturing, systems application and international cooperation in R&D. Through his president the company has established national and international networks such as SolarInput, SolarValley where members from the scientific community, from financing and political decision makers work together to accelerate the dissemination of solar electricity and its applications world-wide

Through its broad international experience the company is carrying out consulting work for political and industrial decision makers and works with its customers to find sustainable ways for financing the projects.

About Dr. Hubert A. Aulich - Founder and President of Sustainable Concepts

graduated from the University of New York, USA in 1973
from 1974 R&D, technology in various positions at Siemens AG in Munich, Managing Director Siemens Solar GmbH
1997 Foundation of PV Silicon GmbH in Erfurt 
2002 Co-foundation of PV Crystalox Solar PLC, 2007 successful IPO Member of the Board of Trustees of Fraunhofer ISE, Chairman of the Board of SolarInput, Solarvalley e.V.
2014 Founder and President of SC Sustainable Concepts GmbH
2018 Foundation of PVWater International Ltd. in Nigeria

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